What are People Centric Design Solutions?

People have wised up to the marketing tricks of traditional advertising. People-Centric design is strategy centered on your target audience, on connecting to them in an authentic manner.
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Enter for Our 2012 Annual Report Makeover!

Announcing our Annual Report Makeover contest for non-profits and other organizations to win a full annual report design that connects. Resonate Branding + Design will partner with one lucky recipient for brand consulting and design services to make a big impact with their annual report.
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Design Intelligence Keys to Success

To succeed in communicating your message through design intelligence, it starts with a simple equation: Your company needs to Brand + Strategize + Communicate in order to build Loyalty + Premium.
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Branding Basics: The Three Questions

Branding starts with the most basic elements of who you are. The more targeted your branding, the more brand value you can generate.
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Recent Highlights
Integrative Medical Weight Management needed more than a website, they needed an entire online platform and the coaching and support to grow it.
Custom web design for Nuvelocity video production company, including interactive multimedia content.
Rockford Dance Company wanted a greatly improved image on the web. We helped with a high quality web design and some customized functions.
A mobile responsive web design for interior design firm Alison Grable Design.

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